• Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

Activities & Attractions

Explore the magnificent Khowarib Gorge in Kunene or book a unforgettable safari experience with Kunene Tours & Safaris

In addition to the outstanding natural beauty of this location, there are many other tours and attractions for guests. For example:

  • Search for desert elephant in the Hoanib river area
  • Morning/Afternoon Nature drive
  • Nature walks in the Hoanib river beds and area surrounding the lodge. Opportunities to view the smaller creatures, birds and beautiful sceneries by foot
  • Meet the indigenous, nomadic Himba tribe in their villages to the north of the camps
  • Half Day Birding walks with local experts
  • Rock Art Excursions in Kaokoland and Damaraland

Khowarib Lodge Activities:

All tours are in the hands of expert guides and soft drinks are provided, pack lunches on full day excursions.


Need Help Or Guidance?

We would be delighted to discuss any aspect of your planned trip to Khowarib Lodge in particular or Namibia in general. We will be happy to help you with transport arrangements from Windhoek to the lodge or indeed your onward destinations.

Khowarib Lodge & Safaris offers guests a true outdoor getaway, providing luxury Kunene Accommodation set alongside the Hoanib river and in the beautiful Khowarib Gorge of North West Namibia


Khowarib Lodge

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